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May 1, 2008

Short Ride in a Grand Pianola

Last night’s concert by the Jerry Junkin and the UT Wind Ensemble was intense. This was the final concert of John Adams’ residency at UT, and the group opened with his Short Ride in a Fast Machine (which I know well, but had never heard live), and followed up with his Grand Pianola music, both… continued

April 29, 2008

Back from Baylor

Bob Reynolds and the Baylor Wind Ensemble gave a really fine performance of the piece last night. There were a few odd moments in the opening of the piece (there usually are – the vast silent spaces and exposed single notes seem to make the players nervous, unfortunately), and the elderly audience member’s mechanized breathing… continued

April 28, 2008

Bloom yesterday, Alchemy tonight

Verena and the UT Symphony Band gave a truly stellar performance of Bloom yesterday. In fact, the entire concert was superb – Damon Talley, the director of that group, has done a fantastic job with them this year.Tonight, V and I head up to Baylor to hear Bob Reynolds guest conduct Alchemy in… continued

April 18, 2008

Earthquake in Indiana

I arrived in Fort Wayne, IN yesterday for my residency at IUPFW (late, courtesy of American Airlines), and was welcomed early this morning by an earthquake. I’ve been to LA several times, San Francisco, Seattle, even Japan, but have never felt an earthquake until I come to Indiana. It was a bizarre, gentle, rocking -… continued

April 2, 2008

Arkansas Composers Forum

Last night was the Arkansas Composers Forum concert featuring works by Charles Booker, Reber Clark, Philip Parker, Francis McBeth, and myself. Hal Cooper, director of bands at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville was our host. The band did a great job on all the works, and I was particularly happy with their performance of my… continued

March 27, 2008

Dusk for Symphony Orchestra

I transcribed Dusk for symphony orchestra last weekend, and had the good fortune (thanks to the efforts of Donald Grantham) to have the University of Texas Symphony Orchestra read it yesterday. They did a fantastic job, and I’m happy to announce you can hear it on this page, or at MySpace (same… continued

March 14, 2008

Windtronica dreams

Last night I dreamt I heard the new piece I’m writing in its entirety in concert. Except that I was outside the hall. And the piece wasn’t finished, so I’d stuck in a transcription of some of Pink Floyd’s The Wall in the middle to fill up the unfinished, empty space. Amazingly, no one… continued

February 25, 2008

91 F

It’s 91 degrees here at the moment. In February. I’m trying to avoid turning on the air conditioner, because that seems so decadent and un-Earth-friendly in the middle of WINTER. I’m loving this sunny warm winter, but sure am glad I won’t be around for the summer…Random miscellaneous:Dusk scores are sold out at Hal Leonard… continued

February 23, 2008

Mackey Sax, TMEA catch-up

As promised, a few pics from Mackey’s visit and TMEA:John Mackey, Harvey Pittel, and AEJ, immediately after the fantastic UT concert with Mackey’s Sax Concerto. Read more about it here. This man’s circular breathing is indeed spectacular – I never could master that back in my saxamaphone-playin’ days. And of course the ensemble was… continued

February 14, 2008


V and I are at TMEA for a couple of days this week. Mackey (who was in Austin last weekend for a performance of the Sax Concerto with the UT Austin Wind Ensemble) has a couple of big performances with the All-State bands, and Eric will be giving a clinic on some of… continued

January 25, 2008

Midwest 2007

Finally got around to posting some of the pictures from this past Midwest Clinic in Chicago. Check it out over on the BCM blog, if you’re interested!Verena and I put on our Austrian finest while we were there: