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Steven Bryant

Steven Bryant’s music is chiseled in its structure and intent, fusing lyricism, dissonance, silence, technology, and humor into lean, skillfully-crafted works that enthrall listeners and performers alike. His seminal work Ecstatic Waters, for wind ensemble and electronics, has become one of the most performed works of its kind in the world, receiving over 250 performances in its first five seasons. The orchestral version was premiered by the Minnesota Orchestra to unanimousrapturous acclaim. The son of a professional trumpeter and music educator, he strongly values music education, and his creative output includes a number of works for young and developing musicians.


My music ranges from electronic experiments to works for professional symphony orchestra, from music for middle school band to virtuosic solo pieces, and combinations of all of these with live electronic media. I believe firmly in writing music not only for accomplished musicians, but also for those at the beginning of their musical lives.

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Experiments, Drafts, Side-projects, etc.

March 29, 2020 ComposingMusicNews

I often make things on the side while composing – usually “electronica-ish tracks” – just for fun. It’s a great way to keep the creativity going with absolutely no pressure. I’ve decided to share an assortment of these various experiments, side-projects, and (mostly) electronic creations. When I speak to composers, especially at universities, I usually remind them to still “play” and not get bogged down in whatever very serious project is at hand. For anyone who needs to hear this (as I do, repeatedly): don’t forget the joy of making things for the sake of creation, and that not every project has to be serious. Don’t forget to just have fun! It’s not wasted time: Hummingbrrd was one of these weekend-creations back in 2003, and I never imagined it would go on to become a performable work with so many variations (Euphonium, Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet, Soprano) as well as arranged and performed by marching bands, etc.!

So, here you are: random things found in my virtual drawer, tidied up, and presented for your enjoyment. I will be adding more tracks over time.

Experiments, Drafts, Side-projects, etc.

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