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June 17, 2011

Texas Prescribed Music List

Many (all?) states in the US have a “list” of music for school bands, orchestras, and choirs to choose from when performing at state-sanctioned contests. The biggest of these is the Texas Prescribed Music List (everything’s bigger in Texas…), and many other states simply copy this list for their own use. After 12 years of… continued

April 5, 2011

Self-publishing – nuts and bolts

My fellow composers and I have written a number of times about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, covering everything from copyright to licensing to notation. However, I don’t recall that we have actually demonstrated, in simple steps, the physical process of making of the paper product, so I shot a video here in my home studio/office… continued

April 4, 2011

Studio Tour

I made a short video tour of my home studio. It’s not Jerry Bruckheimer material, but I invite anyone with FX skills to add lasers and  explosions.