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Bloom yesterday, Alchemy tonight

April 28, 2008 Uncategorized

Verena and the UT Symphony Band gave a truly stellar performance of Bloom yesterday. In fact, the entire concert was superb – Damon Talley, the director of that group, has done a fantastic job with them this year.

Tonight, V and I head up to Baylor to hear Bob Reynolds guest conduct Alchemy in Silent Spaces: I the logic of all my dreams.. He’s already done it with USC, and has it programmed for the National Collegiate Wind Ensemble concert in Carnegie on May 25th, and then again at Tanglewood this summer. I get the impression he’s taken a liking to that movement of the work. 🙂

Also, John Adams is here in residence this week, with concerts of his music by the orchestra, new music ensemble, and the wind ensemble on three consecutive nights. I don’t know exactly what I’ll say to him besides the usual slobbering nerdy fan standby “I love your music!”

And lastly, the winds+electronics piece is slowing moving forward – the first movement is more than half finished. Perhaps considerably more – can’t quite tell yet. The first minute or so is essentially a celesta and vibraphone duet. Very bright and shiny, as Newman would say.