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Back from Baylor

April 29, 2008

Bob Reynolds and the Baylor Wind Ensemble gave a really fine performance of the piece last night. There were a few odd moments in the opening of the piece (there usually are – the vast silent spaces and exposed single notes seem to make the players nervous, unfortunately), and the elderly audience member’s mechanized breathing machine added an interesting element to the work (it wasn’t really that bad – just had to mention it for the David Lynch quality it adds to the narrative).

Regardless, the energy and presence of the group was deeply satisfying, and Maestro Reynolds did a masterful job of unleashing the full ensemble throughout the tutti section of the work. It was great to hear him do the work live, and I wish I could be at the Carnegie and Tanglewood performances! Big thanks to the group and to their director, Eric Wilson, and congratulations to them on their selection to play at CBDNA next year in Austin – I look forward to hearing you all next March!

Now, I’m procrastinating on the windtronica piece until the UT New Music Ensemble concert tonight with John Adams… (at least I’ve managed to resist firing up MarioKart Wii!!).