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Dusk for Symphony Orchestra

March 27, 2008

I transcribed Dusk for symphony orchestra last weekend, and had the good fortune (thanks to the efforts of Donald Grantham) to have the University of Texas Symphony Orchestra read it yesterday. They did a fantastic job, and I’m happy to announce you can hear it on this page, or at MySpace (same recording in both places). The piece will be distributed by Hal Leonard (but still published by me), exactly the same as the band version, and will be available late this summer. I have a few corrections and revisions to make to the score, and then will post a perusal version on the site sometime in the near future.

Yesterday was a busy day: last night, Jonathan Newman invaded San Marcos, Texas last night, where he was the 2008 guest artist with Rod Schueller, Caroline Beatty, and the Texas State University bands. They did three of his pieces, and WildKoba and I headed down that way to catch the show. I’m sure details will be forthcoming on Jonathan’s Notebook in the near future.