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Texas Bandmasters Association 2021 Composer-in-Residence Clinic

July 23, 2021 AudioMusicTravel

For those of you at today’s TBA clinic (July 23rd, 2021), thank you for attending, and for letting Jennifer, Omar, John, and I talk to you about your profession and what we hope to see and help you create in the future. Here are some of the resources we talked about, and some of my music I’d like to share with you.

And We Were Heard
Composer Diversity Database

The Creative Repertoire Initiative:
Adaptable/flexible works written by a wide swath of composers that should fit whatever music ensemble situation you find yourself in. My adaptable works are down at the bottom of this post.

Recent works of interest:

Irrational JoyScore PDF – 2’30”
from Miniature Suite, a set of five short works that can be played separately, or mixed/matched at your discretion.

NocturneScore PDF – 4′
Dedicated to dear friend Paul Bryan, former director of the Duke Wind Symphony, who recently passed away at age 101. From Pendulum, same as Miniature Suite above, each movement can stand alone or be programmed in various combinations.

ZealScore PDF – 4′
Also from Pendulum. A burning opener/closer for a concert. More difficult than the two above.

Paean: TriumphScore PDF – 5′
A fanfare built around Verdi’s Triumphal March from Aida.


Adaptable versions of my music:

DUSK (two versions):

  1. FOUR-PART VERSION can be played by almost any combination of four instruments, regardless of register and timbre. Parts included: C, Bb, F, Eb, in treble, alto, and bass clefs for strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.
  2. FIVE-PART VERSION is a slightly stricter arrangement following the Japanese All-Band Association’s flexible band requirements. Also includes string parts.

In This Broad Earth  FIVE-PART version (all strings, woodwinds, brass) with optional percussion.

The Machine Awakes  FIVE-PART version (all strings, woodwinds, brass), with optional Piano and percussion parts. BONUS: the electronics tracks (stems) are newly available for you and your students to remix! Available as a separate item on The Machine Awakes page.

MetaMarch (arr. Robert Ambrose) and The Low Arc of the Sun