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Dusk turns 20 years old!

April 25, 2024 ComposingConcertNewsPhotography

The setting sun with sun rays through the clouds over rural Austria farmland in summer.The original version of Dusk, commissioned by the Langley High School Wind Symphony, Andrew Gekoskie, conductor, was premiered by that group at the MENC National Convention in Minneapolis, MN, in April, 2004. It was a commission I almost didn’t take: this was my sixth work for full band in 14 months, while I was working full-time in the IT Department at Juilliard, and I just couldn’t see how I could manage to write the work in the small amount of time and energy I had available. But I also couldn’t say “no,” so over the course of 3-4 weekends (from what I can recall), I wrote the piece. And I am incredibly grateful that I did, and to Andy Gekoskie and the group for premiering it at MENC that year. It has since become my most-played work by a significant margin, and I have since adapted it for all sorts of instrumentations, as well as one of the solo piano works in the same-titled “Dusk – Seven Works for Solo Piano.”

Other versions that now exist, or will soon: