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Paean: Triumph

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Paean: a song of triumph, or a solemn chant or song of praise

Commissioned in memory of Ernest and Donald Caneva by their family and friends, Paean: Triumph (along with its companion work, Paean: Chant), pays tribute to these men and their years of accomplishments as bandleaders.

As preparation for the work, I discussed their personalities with Tom Caneva and Scott Casagrande: according to Scott, “Don was aggressive and headstrong, brash and caring. Ernie was suave, funny, loyal and a traditionalist.” In addition, Tom revealed that Ernie, a lover of Italian opera, had made a transcription of Verdi’s Triumphal March during his career. Using this as a starting point, I began to explore and develop the melody from Verdi’s fanfare, morphing it across the whole-tone scale until it takes on a wild, hyper-energetic, slightly unpredictable character.

This fanfare, Triumph, forms the second of two works in this set (I prefer to think of them as a set of independent pieces, rather than movements – either can stand alone in performance).

Commissioned by:

  • Ball State University, Muncie, IN
  • Thomas Caneva, Director of Bands John Hersey High School, Arlington Heights, IL
  • Scott Casagrande, Director of Bands Lockport Township High School, Lockport, IL
  • Brian Covey, Director of Bands Coastal Communities Concert Band, San Diego, CA
  • Robert C. Fleming, Conductor Members of the Caneva Family


19 FEBRUARY 2012: Ball State Univ., 1 March 2012 ABA Convention, Ball State Wind Ens., 16 MARCH 2012 Orchestra Hall, Chicago, John Hersey HS Wind Ensemble

Technical Info

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Flute I (doubles Picc.) – II – III
Oboe I – II
Bassoon I – II
Clarinet in Bb I – II – III
Bb Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone I – II
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

Bb Trumpet I – II – III
Horn in F I – II – III – IV
Trombone I – II – III (Bass)
Euphonium I – II
Tuba I – II


Percussion 1: Concert Bass Drum, Crotales
Percussion 2: Suspended Cymbal, Tam-tam (shared with Perc. 4), Glockenspiel
Percussion 3: Vibraphone
Percussion 4: Tam-tam (shared with Perc. 2), Marimba