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May 6, 2007

A Million Suns over Buffalo

Ok, so I’m way behind in blogging, AGAIN. As soon as I returned from Buffalo (via a last-minute flight to Chicago in order to drive from there to East Lansing with 2 Austrian parents in tow, but that’s a whole other story), I had to pack up everything from my house in Bowling Green to… continued

May 1, 2007

off to Buffalo, NY…

…where the Clarence HS Symphonic Band, Chorus, and Orchestra are performing the original version of A Million Suns at Midnight on Thursday night at Kleinhans Music Hall. I hear the hall is beautiful, and I’m really excited to hear this piece again – I believe it was 2002 the last time someone performed it…. continued

April 16, 2007

BG Bryant-o-rama, Grantham premiere, Austin

This past Saturday night, Bruce Moss and the Bowling Green Wind Symphony presented a concert featuring several of my works, including the parody pieces and their corresponding originals. I think I occupied over 50% of the concert, which is a bizarre (and wonderful) feeling. The only difficult thing in this situation is that, instead of… continued

April 14, 2007

St. Charles East HS success!

I neglected to take any pictures while I was there, but the St. Charles East HS Wind Ensemble did a fine job with Bloom and Radiant Joy. I conducted Bloom, and even though I totally got lost for two or three bars (and did the round “I’m lost” pattern until I got back on the… continued

April 12, 2007

St. Charles East HS, All a-twitter

Today, I made the drive to St. Charles, IL through the relentless rain (with some sludgy ice mixed in over the western portion of Indiana), and am happy to finally be firmly ensconced in the Holiday Inn Express. Looking forward to tomorrow’s rehearsals and concert. Probably should run through Bloom again… you’d think I’d… continued

April 11, 2007

Off to St. Charles East HS

I’m off to St. Charles, IL, where Jim Kull and the STCE HS Wind Ensemble will perform Radiant Joy and Bloom. I get to conduct the latter (which reminds me, I need to pack my baton and score…).Looks like a fun 5-hour drive through snow and rain to the Chicago area tomorrow. Looking… continued

April 8, 2007

For Sale: PowerMacintosh Quad G5, PowerBook, etc.

FOR SALE: Most of my computer / music studio gear. I’m going totally portable with a new MacBook Pro, and cleaning house in the process. If you’re looking to build a powerful music studio, this is your ticket. I hate to let this stuff go – this is the gear I’ve used for years to… continued

March 26, 2007

John Corigliano @ Midwest 2006

I never got around to the Midwest recap post, and since I’m supposed to be doing my taxes right now, this is as good a time as any. Eric didn’t make it out this year – first time he’s missed in something like 11 years (or was it 13?). Definitely wasn’t the same without him… continued

March 22, 2007

Radiant success

The MSU Wind Symphony’s performance Tues. night was a great success – really fine performance. The hall was less than optimal (very dry and the audience is too far from the stage, so there’s little impact or presence in the sound), but ironically, I suspect that will make the recording sound quite good. The band… continued