Grade: 3 to 4
Duration: 6'
Score (PDF)


DUSK (2004 [rev. 2008])

Premiered: MENC National Convention, April, 2004, Langley High School Wind Symphony, Andrew Gekoskie, cond.

Commissioned by the Langley High School Wind Symphony, Andrew Gekoskie, cond.

This work is on the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List as a grade 4.

This simple, chorale-like work captures the reflective calm of dusk, paradoxically illuminated by the fiery hues of sunset. I'm always struck by the dual nature of this experience, as if witnessing an event of epic proportions silently occurring in slow motion. Dusk is intended as a short, passionate evocation of this moment of dramatic stillness.

NOTE: Dusk was revised to version 1.4 in 2008, and all sets printed and sold since May 2008 should be the new version. The old version (1.2) is NOT compatible (I extended bar 35 by one beat, and changed the time signatures/barring in the last 5 bars or so). If you've ordered the set and score separate at different times, or are doing an honor band/clinic, be sure to compare version nos. (this is found in the lower lefthand corner of the score and on the parts).

Some kinds words from a director who performed Dusk:

I just have to tell you that "Dusk" has made a world of difference in my ensemble. It is, by far, their favorite piece, ever! ... They LOVE it and play it soooo well. They listen and blend, etc., everything we are always trying to get them to do for every piece. Thanks so much for your innovative compositions! --- Chelle Leyva, West Jordan HS Bands [April 5th, 2006]


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