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December 14, 2006

Midwest Clinic 2006

On Monday, we head to the annual Midwest Clinic in Chicago. This year, the Austrian brass ensemble, “Sound INN Brass” will premiere a brand new version of Loose Id for brass and drumset. The concert is Saturday morning, 9:30, in the Grand Ballroom. If you’re at the convention, don’t miss this concert – this… continued

December 5, 2006

Back in Blue

The MSU Wind Symphony concert was particularly good this past Sunday. “Blink!” went really well, and sounded leagues better in the hall than it had in the rehearsal room (and also because I was actually sitting in front of the ensemble this time). The ending is a gorgeous, unexpected wash of sound, and is probably… continued

December 2, 2006


Joel Puckett is the guest composer at Michigan State this weekend, with the Wind Symphony (conducted by fellow composer and DMA grad. student, Jim Colonna) doing his recent work, Blink!, tomorrow. I first met Joel a couple of years ago at the CBDNA convention in New York, and then again briefly at… continued

November 14, 2006

Give It To Me

I’m proud to announce the third release from Salamander Studios, Give It To Me. This is our first instrumental, and we’re delighted to feature guest artist Jonathan Newman on this track. His solo in the ‘B section’ may well be the defining element of the work.I also make an appearance on alto… continued

November 9, 2006

Loose Id for Brass Ensemble and Drumset

The phenomenal Austrian brass group, SoundInnBrass (warning: very out of date website), will be premiering my Loose Id for brass ensemble and drumset at the Midwest Clinic this December. The group’s instrumentation is 4 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 4 Trombones, Tuba, and Drumset/Percussion. I decided to make this version expressly for drumset, unlike the… continued

November 7, 2006


VOTE.Some personal advice: if you have the option between a paper ballot and an electronic voting machine, choose the paper ballot. If you must use an electronic machine, check your vote very carefully (there should be a printed ballot on the side of the machine in most cases) – there are numerous reports (as in… continued

November 7, 2006

The Orchestra: A User’s Manual

Just came across this useful resource. It’s basically an online orchestration textbook. I haven’t explored it in depth yet, but it has a really cool feature you couldn’t get in an ordinary textbook: video demonstrations. Just pick an instrument, and you’ll see clips with members of the Philharmonia Orchestra (UK) talking about, and demonstrating… continued

October 31, 2006

Radiant Joy followup

I’m way behind. Let’s jump in:Here are the long-ago promised pictures from the Radiant Joy premiere. I didn’t take many this time. Here, I’m flanked by my posse, the powerhouse duo of Jack Stamp and Jason Worzbyt, who lead the bands program at IUP:And here’s my stalker, Vinnie, who played piano on the premiere… continued

October 16, 2006

Radiant Joy premiere

I only have a second before I hit the road back to Bowling Green this morning. The premiere went well yesterday! I’m excited about this piece, and people seem to like it – who doesn’t like a little joy in their day? Just wanted to say a quick “Thank you” to the Wind Symphony, the… continued

October 14, 2006

IUP Day 2

Went to the Concert Band’s rehearsal of Bloom. Their director, Jason Worzbyt, has done a great job with the piece – he takes it a a little bit faster than I do, and at first I was apprehensive, but much to my amazement, it works! He also had the low brass chords swell and… continued

October 13, 2006

IUP Day 1

I’m in Indiana, Pennsylvania, for the world premiere of Radiant Joy. I spent the day driving across Ohio and western PA (through extraordinary Fall foliage scenery), and arrived in time for the 6pm rehearsal with the Wind Symphony. The band sounds great, and the piece really seems to work. We tweaked a few small… continued

October 5, 2006

Radiant Joy rehearsals / Ultra-hunk

I’ve been delinquent in posting here, and not for a lack of interesting things going on. After all, a car crashed into the house next to me about 5:45 this morning. No one was hurt, and I was too groggy (and it was too cold) for me to go outside and start taking pictures. Sure… continued