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First Light…

October 9, 2007

…is finished. This is the new work for the New York All-State Gigantic Symphonic Band. The horns have plenty of good lines…all 16 of’em.

The piece is a sort of companion work to Dusk, in that it depicts the flip-side, dawn. In particular, the dawn I witnessed in Malcesine, Italy, over the summer. See below for more on that.

A partial perusal score is posted on the First Light page, if you’re curious. Premiere will be on December 2nd, at Eastman in Rochester, NY, Ray Cramer conducting. I will be composer-in-residence for the conference, so if you’re going to attend the conference, please say ‘hi’ at some point! As a bonus, some players from Eastman will perform my brass quintet, Loose Id, as well. Awesome (unless they hate me for making them bleed…)

Non sequitur: our balcony squirrel: