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Malcesine Dawn, BCM MidEurope booth

July 26, 2007

Malcesine, Italy was just as wonderful as last year, and twice I witnessed a lovely sunrise moment over the mountains. The sky begins to lighten very early somewhere in the 5am range, but because of the tall mountains surrounding the lake (Lago di Garda), you don’t actually see the sun until right at 8am, when it very abrupty pops over the mountain and sends intense rays of light down the mountain slopes into the water. The increase in heat in that moment is also palpable. Because of the time (I suppose), church bells somewhere nearby also begin to chime right at that moment…

Here are some pictures (though no pictures can capture this sort of thing – at least not my consumer-grade point-and-shoot camera):

Just as the sun is cresting the mountain:

A few moments later – intense beams of light (close-up):

The town itself, before being bathed in light:

For comparison, here’s Malcesine in the afternoon:

And a rough panoramic shot I made of dawn:
External link because it’s a really wide picture

And for good measure, here’s a shot of the BCM booth at MidEurope. A little more spartan than at Midwest, but as you can see, Jim, Newm, and Eric got all dolled up to make up for it. I think this is our best group shot ever…

(Special thanks to Irene, Tina, and Andrea for standing in, and for playing so wonderfully in the WYWOP this year!)

Now, off to the southern coast of Spain for a week. Ok, that probably sounded pretentious, just like Italy did. I *really* don’t mean to… 🙂

PS No internet access until August 2nd, in case you’re trying to reach me…