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October 16, 2006

Radiant Joy premiere

I only have a second before I hit the road back to Bowling Green this morning. The premiere went well yesterday! I’m excited about this piece, and people seem to like it – who doesn’t like a little joy in their day? Just wanted to say a quick “Thank you” to the Wind Symphony, the… continued

October 14, 2006

IUP Day 2

Went to the Concert Band’s rehearsal of Bloom. Their director, Jason Worzbyt, has done a great job with the piece – he takes it a a little bit faster than I do, and at first I was apprehensive, but much to my amazement, it works! He also had the low brass chords swell and… continued

October 13, 2006

IUP Day 1

I’m in Indiana, Pennsylvania, for the world premiere of Radiant Joy. I spent the day driving across Ohio and western PA (through extraordinary Fall foliage scenery), and arrived in time for the 6pm rehearsal with the Wind Symphony. The band sounds great, and the piece really seems to work. We tweaked a few small… continued

October 5, 2006

Radiant Joy rehearsals / Ultra-hunk

I’ve been delinquent in posting here, and not for a lack of interesting things going on. After all, a car crashed into the house next to me about 5:45 this morning. No one was hurt, and I was too groggy (and it was too cold) for me to go outside and start taking pictures. Sure… continued

September 5, 2006

Radiant Joy…

… is finished. Still some tweaks remaining to the score, and then there’s the matter of making parts. The music, however, is finished, and it’s a little different for me. Shiny. Happy. Joyous, even. :)Premiere is set for October 17th 15th, by Jack Stamp and the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Wind Ensemble. They’ll also be… continued

August 23, 2006

Bowling Green-bound

I’m about to begin the long process of dissasembling my studio and packing into my pickup truck for the long drive to Ohio. I almost finished this piece for Jack Stamp’s wind symphony at IUP, but I still need an ending. I wish I could do a fade out – that’s what sounds best to… continued

August 13, 2006

Back in the US

Beethoven’s grave in the Zentralfriedhof, in Vienna:I’m finally back in the US after an extended and spectacular stay in Austria and surrounding countries. Too much to describe in this post, but it was truly phenomenal. I’m going back next summer.Flying back last Thursday was less spectacular (though I did get a free upgrade to Business… continued

July 16, 2006

Mid Europe 2006, Schladming, Austria

We just finished our week at Mid Europe 2006, and I have way too many pictures and not enough time to really cover everything so far. The short of it: Austria is stunning. Schladming exceeds the ability of my camera to capture it. Mid Europe is a blast.For all my new friends in the WYWOP,… continued

July 2, 2006

to Austria and beyond

I’ve been neck-deep in this new piece for Jack Stamp‘s wind ensemble at IUP, thus the lack of timely blogging. The piece will be a 4-5 minute opener, and so far feels very bright and shiny in character. The premiere is October 17th, so I have a little time, but I’m heading to… continued