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Mid Europe 2006, Schladming, Austria

July 16, 2006 Uncategorized

We just finished our week at Mid Europe 2006, and I have way too many pictures and not enough time to really cover everything so far. The short of it: Austria is stunning. Schladming exceeds the ability of my camera to capture it. Mid Europe is a blast.

For all my new friends in the WYWOP, especially the flutes and oboes (whom I was a sectional coach for), it was truly great to meet and work with you. Thanks for tolerating my tortured Deutsch – I’ll work on that for next year. 🙂 As threatened, here’s a picture of all of you:

And here’s the whole band:

After the concert, the Moesenbichler clan and friends (of which I’m happy to say I’m a part of) gathered for a photo:
(L-R): Johann Moesenbichler, Sieglinde Moesenbichler, me, Verena Moesenbichler, Corey Ganssley, Siegi Moesenbichler, and Wolfgang Auinger

Earlier in the day, Verena, Corey, and I went up to the top of Planai (famous for the night slalom) for the truly astonishing views of the surrounding mountains. Here’s one of the amazing views, inadequately captured by my camera:

The day before, I gave a workshop on some of my music, and snapped a photo of participants afterward. Fortunately they all understood English, so the horror of me trying to explain my music in Deutsch can wait until next year…

So, there’s a tiny sampling of what’s been going on in my first week and a half in Austria. Today, we’re off to northern Italy for a much-needed vacation. No internet, which is just fine…

Auf Wiedersehn aus Oesterreich!