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November 7, 2005

Bowling Green, OH Festival

A week overdue, but at long last (and I know you’ve all* awaited this moment, barely able to function in the interim), here’s the skinny on my trip to the Bowling Green New Music and Art Festival.* All = the 2 or 3 people patient enough to check this blog even though it changes at… continued

October 3, 2005

10 Years!

October 2005 marks 10 years since I first put up a website. It wasn’t back then, it was my student webspace on the UNT webserver, of course, but I’m still going to count it.Back then, there were no mp3s, and I posted low-quality, mono, 8-bit, 15-second clips of Loose Id for Brass Quintet and… continued

July 5, 2005


Spent the weekend painting the core of the house. Almost finished. We’re going with “Mexican Feather Grass” for the living and dining rooms, which you’ll see below. It’s a muted “Pottery Barn” green – very classy. The molding and trim is all some sort of slightly eggshell off-white. Granary white or something. It works. House… continued

June 2, 2005

Murfreesboro, Arkansas

Today, my father, brother, and I drove down to Murfreesboro, Arkansas (where my dad grew up, and home to the only diamond mine in North America) to take some pictures and see some relatives. We had lunch at the “Squat and Gobble” BBQ restaurant. I ordered ribs, not realizing just how freaking BIG they would… continued

May 26, 2005

Livingston HS Wind Symphony – “Dusk” performance

Last night, I had the pleasure of conducting “Dusk” with the Livingston High School Wind Symphony. We finally had the entire band there (having a trombone section definitely helps!), and they did a great job with the piece. I think we woke some people up with that climax section!A big “thank you” to Mike Jedwabnik,… continued

May 18, 2005

Dusk rehearsal – Livingston High School

Went out to Livingston, NJ to work with Mike Jedwabnik and the Livingston HS Wind Symphony on Dusk tonight. Their concert is next Wednesday, the 25th, and I’ll be conducing Dusk with them – looking forward to it! Tonight was a little rough because we were missing several players (started rehearsal without a trombone… continued

May 16, 2005

Newman’s Avenue X

I just heard a recording from one of the premieres of Jonathan’s Avenue X from last week. It’s as good as Jim says it is. Can’t wait to hear it live! If any groups out there reading this are playing at Midwest this year, this is your piece – take a serious… continued