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December 20, 2005

Just wrapped up my portion of the interview for AETN’s “Men and Women of Distinction” series, in which they’re doing a segment on my mentor and old teacher, Francis McBeth. The series features Chuck Dovish as the producer/host, which should air sometime in June, 2006. It was an interesting experience being interviewed – only done this a few times, such as when Frank Oteri interviewed BCM for New Music Box in 2004, so it’s still a bit nerve-wracking.

Here’s Chuck and Michael Middleton, the cameraman/techie/everything else guy. They wanted to shoot in my bedroom/studio, so we squeezed in as best we could:

Here I am with Chuck just after the interview a few minutes ago:

I had fun doing this – hopefully they got something useful out of the interview! Chuck and Michael, it was a pleasure meeting you – best of luck with the series!