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Winchester Model 12

December 23, 2005 Uncategorized

Today we made a trip down to Murfreesboro to exchange gifts with the extended family. Had a pleasant visit and dinner with everyone, and met a new friend, Will, who specializes in building sheltered homes that handle most of their heating and cooling from ground heat and water – I find this fascinating – I hope to build such a house at some point, and rely on the ‘grid’ as little as possible. Oil isn’t an infinite resource, just in case you had forgotten…

A high point of the evening was when my brother and I received a wonderful surprise from Uncle Jerry: our grandfather’s Winchester Model 1912 20-gauge shotgun. I didn’t know he had even owned one. This appears to date back toward the beginning the serial number is extremely low, and they started manufacturing this gun in 1912 (per the Model #). I’ll try to find out the exact year. The gun looks to be in great condition – just need to oil it and make sure the barrel is clean, and then we’ll take it out for a test spin:

Ben, Jerry, Steve, and the Gun

It was great to see all of you today – hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!