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Suite Dreams

March 6, 2007

Suite Dreams, my fourth (and final?) Parody Suite piece, is finished and in rehearsals at Jasper High School in Jasper, Indiana! I’ll go out there for the premiere in late April. I have a feeling I’ll need to make some fairly serious revisions – not sure if the timing and flow works well yet (there’s a fair amount of aleatory in the piece, which I didn’t mock up in the computer, so I had to rely on that old-school technology called “imagination” while composing this one).

And yes, the title is corny as hell. Had to be consistent with the other three (Chester Leaps In, ImPercynations, and MetaMarch). The piece itself is different in character than its counterparts, however – Suite Dreams isn’t intentionally funny. Rather, it’s a dream-like, atmospheric work, with bits of Holst’s First Suite in Eb drifting through the landscape. Thus the title: Suite… Dreams… get it? Yeah, I know. Groan-inducing. I had the same thought when I decided to use “ImPercynations” as a title: “that’s awful, Steve – you’re punning people to death”. Not that it stopped me, obviously.

So, almost exactly ten years after finishing the wind ensemble version of Chester Leaps In, the entire Parody Suite is finished.

….or is it? (cue ominous Godzilla music…)

I will post a PDF of it at some point, but want to wait until I’ve made aforementioned revisions.