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Radiant Joy @ Michigan State tonight

March 20, 2007 Uncategorized

We’re back in East Lansing after a quick (but wonderful) trip to Austin, TX. Verena is conducting Radiant Joy tonight with the Michigan State Wind Symphony, which promises to be quite good. The hall is a bit dry and tends to ‘sand off’ the edges a bit much, but they’re playing really well, and anyone in the area should come to the concert if you can! It’s at the University Auditorium on Auditorium Rd. on the MSU campus.

Big shout-out to Daniel Montoya for being an excellent host this past weekend. It was great to have the inside perspective on Austin, and a free ride. And of course, for the unparalleled honor of guest hosting the Montblog… (I was coerced – they made me do it!!!) 😉