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WASBE to MidEurope

July 13, 2009 Uncategorized

UNT’s performance of Ecstatic Waters at WASBE was a big success. This is the first time I’ve heard it in performance without running the electronics (did some rehearsals at OSU where I got to listen, but not the performance), and WOW is it exhausting to listen to – in a good way. The group played wonderfully (as always), and I had a great time really hanging out with everyone over the past week – nothing like a 19-hour bus ride to encourage bonding. Thanks to Eugene Corporon for programming it, and to Bob Schwartz and David Robinson for running the electronics, and last but most of all, to Shannon and Jen Kitelinger for going above and beyond in taking care of, and entertaining, me during the entire week, as well as basically running the whole show behind the scenes.

So, WASBE was a lot of fun, and I believe I managed not to sound stupid on either composer panel I was on, so I consider the whole adventure a great success! I even managed to end up riding a mechanical bull at the Cadillac Ranch in Cincinnati after the concert. And yes, there are pictures. No, they’re not going to show up here.

Saturday morning I took off for Austria, which involved planes, trains, and automobiles, and now am happily enjoying the cool mountain air of Schladming. The Mid-Europe festival starts this week, and the WYWOP (World Youth Wind Orchestra Project – which defines youth as ages 15-30) will be playing Radiant Joy as part of their concert on Saturday night. Also on the program is John Mackey’s Kingfishers Catch Fire, Mvt. II, which I believe will close the concert (as it always should – no one in their right mind would want to follow it on a program). Both works will be conducted by Gary Green, and it should be a great week and a great concert.

Time to eat soon. I want some schnitzel.