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Veo Lux – final recording session

April 16, 2005 Uncategorized

Had a final recording session for the backing material last night, courtesy of the indefatigable Ariana K. After the last rehearsal, we decided to slow the tempo down from 136 to 126 – it locks in better there (if you ever use MIDI instruments to mock up a piece, you’ll always end up pushing the tempo a little too much – remember that). This of course meant I needed to re-record some of what I’d done before (yes, I’m very well aware I can stretch and mold audio to different tempi, but why not get the real thing when you can?). Also, I had written some more music since the last recording session with Yumi (in other words, I’d finally finished the piece…), so here we are: a new session four days before the premiere.

Many HUGE “thank-you’s” to Ariana for playing so many uninspiring tone clusters and melodic fragments sans musical context – I promise it will make more sense during the actual performance.

Today is my last chance to make good on that promise and assemble all of this stuff into some sort of non-embarrassing whole. Final rehearsal is tomorrow, premiere is Tuesday at the Chelsea Art Museum, and then again Friday, at Jazz @ Lincoln Center. Tickets are free, so if you’re in the area, come on out! More info here and upcoming concert info is always here, as well.

Ariana wails on a John Zorn “romantic scrape”