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The Machine Awakes iPhone and iPad app!

January 29, 2014 AudioMusic

It’s finally here! My piece The Machine Awakes for youth band / orchestra with live electronics now has an iOS app you can run the electronics from! All you need is to plug it into your PA system (don’t forget the required [LOUD] monitor for the conductor), and someone to press the buttons on the iDevice, and you’re good to go. This app is for both the band and orchestra versions of the work. Download it here:


The app functions identically to the Macintosh / Windows program: simply press the corresponding CUE 1, CUE 2, or CUE 3 buttons at the appropriate moments in the score.


There’s also a rehearsal mode, which allows you to start at any of the rehearsal numbers in the score as well as stop playback at any time. The iPhone/iPad app has the additional feature of being able to set the volume level of each cue independently. I suggest setting the overall volume based on the loudest moments in the piece (m. 53 and the ending), and then you’ll likely need to lower the volume of cues 1 and 2 so they don’t overpower the ensemble.


The existing Mac/Windows program will remain available as a free download from my website, so it’s your choice which you prefer to use. Many thanks to Henry Truong for developing this app and designing the wicked-cool icon:


NOTE: I’d love to also have an Android version of this – if you are a developer interested in porting this app over to the Android platform, please contact me.

An Android version is now in the works – will announce when it’s available (no guarantees, but March would be a good guess). Thanks to Robert Langenfeld for taking on the task.

The Android version is available (also for Hummingbrrd)!