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St. Charles East HS @ Carnegie Hall

February 18, 2006 Uncategorized

Last Monday, I had the privilege and honor of conducting my work Rise with the St. Charles East HS Wind Ensemble at Carnegie Hall. I had a great time working with the group and conducting this piece (my first time!). A special “thank you” to director Jim Kull for inviting me to be a part of this event. Jim has been a big supporter of BCM for a few years now, and this evening was no exception as he programmed both my piece and Jonathan’s Avenue X (with Jonathan conducting as well).

Since Carnegie refuses to allow any photography inside the hall, I don’t have any pictures (as far as they know) from the actual gig. Here’s Jonathan, Jim Kull, and myself after the concert:

I should also say “thank you” to Tara and Natalie, the 2nd and 1st Horns, respectively – they worked very hard on this piece, and were absolutely crucial to its success:

To the whole band: it was a pleasure working with you in Chicago and in New York – I hope you all had a great trip, and are getting some rest now! I look forward to next time. Maybe a full BCM concert with all of us conducting? 😉

UPDATE: Newm posted some more pics and such on the BCM front page about the event – check it out!.