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Performance Today – Ecstatic Waters

June 26, 2009 Uncategorized

Earlier this week, I did a short interview with Suzanne Schaffer for Performance Today. They’re playing UT’s performance of Ecstatic Waters on the show this morning (June 26th), and it will be posted on the website, as well. I believe it will be on Hour 2 of the show. Woohoo!!

If you’re coming to this page because you heard it on the show, welcome! If you want to hear the work again, it’s available on this site, as well as on Facebook.

UPDATE: Turns out it was only a short excerpt (and a very soft, compressed recording, at that). Regardless, if you want to hear the whole thing, you can on my site at the links above. I recommend an extremely quiet environment with a large stereo system, turned to 11.

Ok, back to writing this new piece (in D minor, the saddest of keys).