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Murfreesboro, Arkansas

June 2, 2005 Uncategorized

Today, my father, brother, and I drove down to Murfreesboro, Arkansas (where my dad grew up, and home to the only diamond mine in North America) to take some pictures and see some relatives. We had lunch at the “Squat and Gobble” BBQ restaurant. I ordered ribs, not realizing just how freaking BIG they would be. I was too busy wrestling them to the ground to get a picture (I’m no match for the food-pictorial obsessed John Mackey). Here’s a picture of the “Squat and Gobble” (any comment I could make regarding the name would simply detract from it):

Here’s the lunch crowd (left to right: me, my cousin Misty, my father, aunt Jane, and my brother Ben) after we’d squatted and gobbled all we could:

We also got to ride out into the deep woods to check out an old defunct train bridge (my dad is recreating the town of his youth in a model train layout, so we’re scouting for authentic details). On the way through several fields, we were surrounded by cows – they literally swarmed around all sides and kept us from moving for a few minutes. My brother and I were riding in the back of the pickup truck (you’ve just gotta embrace the lifestyle when you’re down there…):

And here’s the remnants of the train bridge – it’s just several piers now. Ben had to wade out into the cool creek water to get this shot:

It doesn’t look like much here, but it was eerie to drive far out in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly come upon these ancient artifacts of another time, still standing…

I have to go check for ticks now…