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Lone Star Wind Orchestra recording session

June 4, 2007

Took a quick trip to Denton and Dallas this weekend. The Lone Star Wind Orchestra is recording their first CD this weekend, and I’m lucky enough to be on it! Last night, they spent a solid 2 hours on Radiant Joy, and I have to say the group is *very* good. They’ve been going all weekend, and this was at the end of a long day of recording, and they still managed to be radiantly joyful the whole time! I really look forward to the recording – not set release date yet, but of course it’ll be up here when it does arrive.

Earlier in the day, I stopped by Cindy McTee‘s and we had a great lunch. I showed her Melodyne, and I think I’ve gotten her hooked on it. Hope it doesn’t derail the Trombone Concerto she’s working on… (oops!). It was wonderful to catch up with her as always.

After the session, I followed Chris Tucker, his wife Kim, and Mark Morette (engineer for the session, and the infamous Mark of Mark Custom back to their house, and was floored by the place. To quote Mackey, “this isn’t a composer’s house”. It’s beautiful. And big. The media room (where I crashed) is rad (yeah, I used the word ‘rad’). Seriously rad. 92 inch projection screen, theater seating, 5.1 surround, 400 DVD changer, etc. Smooth. Best of all were our drink glasses that had spinning flashing lights in the base. Rum and coke just tastes better when it has psychedelic light patterns frantically emanating from the bottom.

Super thanks to Chris and Kim for hosting me at their house, to Mark for engineering, to Eugene Corporon for conducting and being such an advocate of the piece, Brad Genevro for producing, Andy Trachsel and Jen Kitelinger for listening so intently and slating the thing, and of course the Lone Star Wind Orchestra for grooving so hard. It was great to work with you – hope we do it again soon!