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iPhone/iPad app for Hummingbrrd (Euphonium+electronics)

March 31, 2014

A performance and practice app for Hummingbrrd (solo Euphonium + electronics) is now out for iPhones and iPads!


Plug this into your hall or onstage PA system, and you’re ready to go. This app was designed by Henry Truong (same developer who created The Machine Awakes app), who came up with a brilliant graphic and icon:


In performance mode, you simply have a big PLAY arrow, and a volume control on the right side of the screen. When you press play, you get two bars of visual (silent) metronome counting off before the audio starts. Those are the four small circles just below the large PLAY arrow.

Hummingbrrd iPhone5 Performance Screen count-off

Even cooler, you get a rehearsal mode, which allows you to start at any of the measure numbers listed by simply pressing the corresponding button. Again, you receive two bars of count-off, this time both a visual cue and an audio click.


That’s it! Of course, you are still welcome to use the free track download and run it from iTunes, or burn it to a CD, etc., but this app makes practicing the piece much more convenient, and mostly it’s just cooler. 🙂

And yes, an Android version is in the works!