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Human Radio

March 12, 2006 Uncategorized

The Blue Monkey, Memphis, TN:

Last night, James A., Walter, and I got to see Human Radio. Human Radio (Ross Rice, vocals and keyboards, Peter Hyrka, violin and assorted electric string instruments, Kye Kennedy, guitar, Steve Arnold, bass, and Steve Ebe, drums) existed from 1989-1992, so this was an unexpected and most welcome opportunity to hear them in a one-time reunion concert. They rocked. Hard. Still.

Ross Rice then followed up with a raucous (and rockin’) set from his new album, “Dwight” (also featuring songs from his previous album, “Umpteen”).

If you don’t know Human Radio, check’em out, though their first (and only released) album is difficult to find.

This will mean nothing to most of you, but it was an epic moment of unexpected satisfaction for me…

Human Radio, live at The Blue Monkey, Memphis, TN, March 11th, 2006