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Hohenwerfen und Dachstein

July 7, 2008 Uncategorized

The last few days we’ve visited Hohenwerfen Castle (outside of Salzburg) and the top of the Dachstein mountain (well, almost the top – you have to have ropes and gear to go the last 300 meters). Saw a fantastic falconry and bird demonstration at Hohenwerfen (they were flying right over our heads at insane speeds – none of the pictures I took are cropped – there were *that* close). Then we drove up to a traditional restaurant for lunch – the sign at the bottom of the hill said 4km, but they neglected to explain that they meant *straight UP*.

On Saturday, Michael Hancock (conductor, clarinetist, and all-around great guy) and I headed up to the Dachstein, which is one of the large mountains in the area (being in the Alps, it’s not alone). The bus ride was nearly an hour up the mountain, and *then* we took the cable car the rest of the way – up to 2700 meters (that’s 8850 ft). There’s a glacier up there, with year-round skiing and snowboarding. It was also slightly chilly and windy (i.e. freezing). And spectacular.

Pictures are here.