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June 28, 2008 Uncategorized

On Friday I started learning a couple of tunes on Hackbrett (Hammered Dulcimer) so we can play some traditional songs for Opa’s 80th birthday party today. The main tune is an “Innviertler Landler” (the Innviertel is the local region of Austria we’re in). Lots of I and V7, which is good for me, because that’s about the limit of my playing abilities at this point. Wolfgang will be playing Zither, Siegi on Steirische Harmonika (similar to an accordion) and vocals, and V on guitar and vocals. And a possible guest appearance on Clarinet by Johann Mösenbichler!

I hopefully will have pictures of our full ensemble later. For now, here’s Wolfgang tuning the Hackbrett (Siegi in the background on Steirische).

And here’s a quasi-player’s-viewpoint shot: