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Fayetteville Band Week – more pics

May 15, 2006

As promised, I’ve got a few more pics from the week to share:

Brett Lawson, myself, and Lewis Clark. Lew is the director at Ramay Jr. HS, and this is backstage at their concert last Thursday night, when they performed “Bloom.”

I was sitting backstage just before the Ramay band went on, and I suddenly found myself swarmed by what appears to be the flutes and clarinets. Cool.

Earlier in the day, I got a picture with Tyler, the star Vibraphone player on “Bloom” – thanks dude!

Lew himself sat in on a few of the solo/ensemble numbers, including this percussion ensemble piece, “Brazil.” The requested caption for this photo was along the lines of “Harper, eat your heart out!”. I pass that along without comment. 🙂

Here I am getting schooled by the legendary Dean Coale backstage.

Finally, my host, old family friend, and the ultimately indescribable, Richard Wiseman…

Again, I had a great time up there all last week, and I want to thank each of the bands for giving so much energy to my music. I hope you all had as much fun as I did, and I wish you all a fun, happy summer! Perhaps we’ll see each other again in the future…