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Fayetteville Band Week 2006, Day 1b (The Concert)

May 9, 2006 Uncategorized

Short post-concert recap – it was a great evening – the three bands all put on a good show and it seemed like both the bands and the audience were having a good time. The 7th-grade band did a fun tune called “Rock to the Max Mr. Sax” with the sax section out front grooving on a memorized soli part. The 8th-grade band did a piece called “Engines of Resistance” by Larry Clark which had some unexpected harmonic construction in it that I liked – seemed like a good example of an atypical and interesting piece for young bands. I dug it. The 9th grade band took the stage and played well, just like the previous groups. My turn came to take the podium, and we were off! It was grooving fine until somewhere about 2/3 of the way through, something got off – not sure exactly what happened – but, I think we collectively added a bar to the piece. It was frightening at first, and then exhilirating when I realized everyone was following me and we were all back together again – amazing! The band actually showed their maturity in that moment and pulled off some magic – I don’t think anyone but me and band even knew anything had happened! With that hiccup behind us, we sailed to the ending and a rousing bit of applause from the audience!

Cathy Delozier managed to capture a few pics from just offstage during the performance!

So, day 1 was a success! To Tom Stout, Cathy Delozier, and the Woodland Jr. High 9th grade band: I had a great time working with you today and tonight. Hope you had fun with the piece, and please keep making music!!