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Ecstatic Waters rehearsal at UT

October 13, 2008

Just got out of rehearsal for Ecstatic Waters – this is the first time we’ve done the whole piece…and it’s going to work like gangbusters. This is also the first time we had the mics on the clarinet and bassoons, which is going to be quite cool. The clarinet sounds exactly like I’d hoped, and once we get the tempo locked in at exactly 60 bpm, the bassoons will work great.

I’ll have real confirmation that all this is going to work on Wednesday, when we do the piece in Bates hall for the first time, but so far, it really seems to work. The electronics blend and mesh with the band far better than I’d hoped. There’s still a lot of work for the band to do (lots of notes for them in this 21-minute piece), and I need to tweak some things, but since I came up with an end for Mvt. III last night, I finally feel justified in saying the work is finished.

No time to rest, though – the JWECC 2009 consortium deadline is Dec. 1st…. ! Excited that I’ll get to hear Newm’s Concertino there!