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Buffer size

April 13, 2005 Uncategorized

Rehearsal was decent last night – the players will own their parts by the concert, but I’m worried about the computer. Works fine at home. Take it to rehearsal, plug it in to the exact same gear, same cables, same EVERYTHING, and it suddenly freaks out about a few piddly aux sends to some delays and granular effects, and 2 (count’em TWO) audio tracks. Not like I’m pushing it here.

Somehow the CPU is just more powerful when sitting on my desk than anywhere else.

So, I changed the buffer size from 256 samples to 512 samples, and it seems happier. That just means there’s a little more of a delay between the time the sound from the string quartet gets to the laptop and when it goes back out. Hopefully no one will notice…

Meanwhile, Jim is speed-bloggin’ while Newm eggs him on, and Mackey gets a monitor that just might actually be too big. Have to admit to a little jealousy there…