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Bowling Green State University, 2006-2007

April 4, 2006 Uncategorized

Last October, I visited Bowling Green State University and heard the band perform Alchemy in Silent Spaces, and the orchestra perform Loose Id, as part of the annual New Music and Art Festival. It was a fantastic weekend, and out of that grew a potential future collaboration.

Well, it’s now official, and I’m proud to announce that I’m spending the 2006-2007 academic year as Visiting Artist in Residence at BGSU. Woohoo!! What this means in practice is that I’m living in Bowling Green, OH next year, talking shop and making music. At various times I’ll speak on composing and related subjects to various communities within the school, and just generally be available to be ‘artistic.’ A couple of the big projects I plan on pursuing: 1) the revision of RedLine for Wind Ensemble, with the gracious assistance of Bruce Moss and the Wind Ensemble (he’s going to program it at some point next year!), and 2) something I’ve been talking about doing for at least five years – a large new work that joins the forces of wind band and electronics. I’m just in the beginning planning stages for this, but I believe this coming year will prove to be a perfect environment in which to test both the orchestrational and technical variables inherent in such a work. More on this as it unfolds…

So, any of you in the Northwest Ohio/Southern Michigan/Eastern Indiana area: I’ll be right there in your backyard for nine months! If you’re planning a performance of one of my pieces and want to have me visit and/or conduct, please contact me – I’m game for any and all of it!

More details on what all this will mean as it approaches later this year. The party begins in late August!

Special thanks to my dear friend Elainie Lillios for the initial spark for this, and to Dean Richard Kennell and Dr. Marilyn Shrude for making this possible!

Ok, back to work on Alchemy in Silent Spaces for orchestra. I’m almost finished with the brand new 2nd movement…