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Alchemy premiere in pictures

June 6, 2006 Uncategorized

Belatedly, a few pics from the premiere…

I neglected to get a good daylight shot of the poster outside Alice Tully Hall, but my host, Tina Gonzalez, managed to nab one. Crazy, huh? My name seems so… vanilla… in that context. I should change it to something cool, like Mozartoslawski.

I don’t have any pictures from the earlier rehearsals (I kept forgetting to take any), but here’s a blurry one from the dress in Alice Tully Hall:

Here’s a shot from the actual performance (again thanks to Tina – I’m glad someone had it together!). Alice Tully is a good-lookin’ hall:

Afterward, I of course had to get a shot with Maestro DePreist himself. We thoughtfully draped cabling behind us to give the photo that modern, ‘edgy,’ techno-dystopia look:

And here’s the fantastic flutist (flautist? flute playin’ person?), Jasmine Choi. She did such a great job I never had any advice to offer her. I felt almost guilty for being so unhelpful, but I figured it sounded great – if I’d tried to make up something insightful to say I would’ve probably just screwed the whole thing up.

Tina managed to capture a pic of the low brass section. Low brass rocks. The second guy from the left, Chris, used to work for me in the computer lab – totally cool guy. The whole section was great. Rescoring those parts from the band version was one of the toughest challenges – the first movement alone calls for 5 trombones, 2 euphoniums, and 2 tubas. I had to squeeze those 9-note chords down to 4 people. They more than made up for it…

Finally, a post-concert hangout picture at Peter’s, with some dear friends (l-r): my brother Ben, Jonathan Newman, Milica Paranosic, Dave “Wild Koba” Kobayashi, me, and Verena Moesenbichler.