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Loose Id (brass quintet + percussion)

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    04:00 min
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Instrumentation:   Chamber

Genres:   Energetic

This piece is an abstract realization in sound of the energy of the Id. Unleashed, without the counterbalance of Ego or Superego, the Id generates unbridled instinctual energy, resulting in an orgiastic frenzy. Distinct from a state of dementia, this piece represents a thoroughly lucid and intentional rampage of self-indulgence.

Completed in August, 1995, Loose Id is for brass quintet (bass trombone) and percussion (1 player on timpani, ride cymbal, and tam-tam).


November 1995, Student brass quintet at the University of North Texas:
Kelly Rossum, trumpet
Matthew Woodward, trumpet
Jolyn Mosher, horn
Will Jayroe, trombone
Brandon Moodie, bass trombone
Ed Stephan, timpani and ride cymbal
Jennifer McAllister, conductor

Technical Info

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Trumpet in Bb I – II
Horn in F
Bass Trombone

Timpani, Ride Cymbal, Tam-tam (1 player)