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Rise (band)

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    06:00 min
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Instrumentation:   Band

Genres:   Lyrical

This is an arrangement of the first movement of my sax quartet of the same name for wind ensemble. This version was commissioned by Scott Stewart and the Emory University Wind Ensemble, who premiered it October 8th, 2003.

Rise is abstract in that there is no extra-musical imagery or narrative structure associated with the music. It is a lush adagio built upon a repeated cycle of chords ascending in stepwise motion. The music gradually gains upward momentum over this cyclical progression, reaching a powerful dramatic climax. The energy and momentum dissipate, returning the music to its opening contemplative quietness.

Though Rise is not programmatic, I believe the connotation of the title, and the corresponding nature of the music, implies a clear, unsentimental sense of optimism and hope.

Commissioned by: Emory University Wind Ensemble, Scott Stewart, conductor


8 October 2003, Emory University Wind Ensemble, Scott Stewart, conductor

Technical Info

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Flute 1-3
Oboe 1-2
Bassoon 1-2
Clarinet in Bb 1-3
Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone 1-2
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

Trumpet in Bb 1-3
Horn in F 1-4
Trombone 1-3

Suspended Cymbal (medium)
Suspended Cymbal (large)
Bass Drum

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