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Loose Id for Orchestra

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    04:30 min
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Instrumentation:   Orchestra

Genres:   Energetic

Id: “In Freud’s theory, the source of instinctual energy, which works on the pleasure principle.”

This piece is an abstract realization in sound of the energy of the Id. Unleashed, without the counterbalance of Ego or Superego, the Id generates unbridled instinctual energy, resulting in an orgiastic frenzy. Distinct from a state of dementia, this piece represents a thoroughly lucid and intentional rampage of self-indulgence.

This is an adaptation and expansion of the brass quintet version for full symphony orchestra.

“…it is a wild ride, a wrathful, cathartic yawp of consciousness…” – Dave Lewis, All Music Guide


1 April 1997, The Juilliard Symphony, Jeff Milarsky, conductor, Alice Tully Hall, NYC.

Technical Info

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Piccolo (doubles 3rd Flute)
2 Flutes
2 Oboes
2 Clarinets in Bb
1 Bb Bass Clarinet (doubles 3rd Clarinet in Bb)
2 Bassoons

4 Horns in F
3 Trumpets in Bb
3 Trombones (2 Tenor, 1 Bass)
1 Tuba

Timpani (4 drums)
1: Flexatone, Suspended (Ride) Cymbal (shared with Perc. 3), Xylophone (shared with Perc. 2), 4 Tomtoms, Tamtam (large)
2: Police Whistle, Bass Drum (shared with Perc. 3), Xylophone (shared with Perc. 1), Ratchet, Triangle
3: Suspended (Ride) Cymbal (shared with Perc. 1), Lion’s Roar, Bass drum (shared with Perc. 2), Brake drum


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