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Initial Release: 1.0

Current Version: 1.0.2


31 Flute 1 should be C-flat on the middle note of the triplet (so that it is in octaves with the Clarinet)
201 most parts: missing diminuendo at end of measure (in score, but not in most parts)
397 Elec / Keyboard add pre-recorded Clarinet CUE (already in score)
420 Tuba Change CUE in Tuba part from Euph. to Contrabass (makes it a playable alternative)



13 Perc 4 Add courtesy “natural” to the G in Crotales
13 Perc 1 Add courtesy G-natural and G-flat to respective octaves for clarity
69 Piano beat 3 should be half-notes, not quarter notes
80 Tpt 4 missing slur in score
84 Tpt 3 show rest for Tpt 3 to make clearer who plays
84 Tpt 4 missing slur in score
103 Tpt 4 missing slur in score
286 Horns small cresc. (parenthetical) to end of beat 3 (“G”)
309 ALL add parenthetical tempo indication for clarity q=58
323-325 Alto Saxes 1-2 Clarify in score that A. Sax 2 plays mm. 323-324, and fltzg/growl in m. 325 only applies to A. Sax 2
333-336 ELEC add click track, notation in score/part
373 Horns dim. at end of bar (beat 4)
376-378 Piano Pedal here if necessary to keep to smooth, dim. to match Vibes/Harp
377 Harp add dim. hairpin
377 Piano add dim. hairpin
377 Vibes add dim. hairpin