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Ecstatic Waters (wind ensemble + electronics)

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Current Version: 1.3

Errata List (changes since version 1.2)
February, 2017

61-62 Celesta: accent the chords (the top note, in particular)
64, 69 Oboes: sffz (remove mp) – put a slight decresc. after the sfz
89-89 Horns: breath mark in part is in wrong place (score is correct)
117 ALL: arrive at ff on beat 4, cut off directly ON the beat
123-124 Euph. 1-2 change notes and rhythm to match Horns (8vb)

172, 178, 184 Clars, Tpts: missing rehearsal numbers (other parts may be missing them, as well)
184-185 Tbns, Euph: missing fermatas in parts (score is correct)
191 Clars. 1-4 Humming should be notated in concert pitch (concert Bb/A)
193-199 Tbns: change dynamics to mf – MUST be audible over Bsns & texture
236 Tbn 4: change p to mp (only slightly softer than Tbn. 3 in previous bar)
238 Tbn 1: OPEN
243 Tuba 1-2: Rewrite Db as C#, so that the D-natural in m. 244 is clear
248 BRASS: add crescendo hairpin
291 Clar. 4: Db in part (score is correct, part is missing the flat)
304 Tuba, Euph. 2: missing slur
334-352 Celesta, Vibes:must be audible in context (pp is relative – must play out)
395 Clar. 1: unhurried – the solo should not be rushed
410 ALL: CHANGE TEMPO q=exactly 58 (matches electronics in new version)
410 Bsns, Bs Clars:Bs Clarinets should be same volume as Bassoons
449 Clar 1: courtesy accidental – upper octave is B-natural
463 Low Brass: Everyone should cut off on beat 2 (all should be tied to 16th note)
471-477 Tambourine: REMOVE completely
479 ALL: do NOT rush to end; let bars of rest last full value; savor the melodies
510 Flute 1: extreme tenuto on beat 2, Computer operator should follow (wait for) Flute solo to trigger cue on beat 3