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Ecstatic Fanfare (band)

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Initial Release: 1.0

Current Version: 1.1

Measure (begin) Measure (end) Part Description
1 end Glock, Vib add let ring symbol to match Crotales, and where logical
7 8 Hns, Euph, Tuba cresc to m.8, beat 2
8 Euph beat 2, divisi to D, Bb
11 Hns, Euph, Tuba return to forte
29 Glock, Vib remove tie and beat 3, so parts match rhythm of Crotales
40 55 WW slur all descending figures, change dynamics to p
57 Vib. Change beat 1 quarter note to 8th note, 8th rest (match Glock)
100 101 Euph Change figure to match Horns and Trumpets (8vb)