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Chester Leaps In

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Initial Release: 1.1.1b

Current Version: 1.2r2

Changes from 1.2 to 1.2r2:

These were just cosmetic changes, a few enharmonic respellings to make the parts easier to read, and an update of the website/contact information. If you have 1.2, you don’t need to worry about this.

Changes from 1.1.1b to 1.2:

Measure Instrument(s) Changes
1,3 Mar., Xylo. use hard mallets
3 Mar., Xylo. 8va
5 Perc. 4, Timp. don’t overpower low brass
10-11 Trumpet 1
10-11 Trumpets 2,3 decresc. to “p”
13-14 Xylo. 8va
17 Eb Clar. tenuto on last note of measure
55 Trumpets extend notes – cutoff on beat 2
55 Tuba begin at “mf” and cresc. to “ff” by the beginning of m.56
58-61 Trombones move entrance to m.59; delay cresc. (to “f”) (add “(pp)”):

60-61 Oboes colla Fl.1 (“mf” cresc. “f”)
62 Alto Saxes
66 Mar., Xylo 8va
70-75 Mar. 8va
76 Mar., Xylo octaves on beat 1 (add F an octave below what’s written)
70-75 Perc. 4 add snare:

74-77 Oboes
74 Flutes respell Db and Eb in beat 3 as C# and D#
74 Mar., Xylo. respell last F# in the measure as Gb
75-76 Picc., Eb Clar. enter at “ff” (remove “f,” hairpin, and “ff”; replace with “ff” on beat 1 of m.75)
76-77 Flutes
76-77 Clars.
74-76 Trumpets don’t overpower WW – lower dynamics to “mf” and remove hairpin
76 Trumpet 3 add accents to conform with Tpts. 1 and 2
76 Horns
76 Perc. 5 Add treble clef
76-77 Perc. 4 remove toms (enter in m.78 at “p”)
77 Horns change Db to C#
78 Horns 2-4 add courtesy accidentals on last note (E-natural and C-natural)
77-78 Trumpets
77-78 Saxophones
78 Perc. 5 write “Susp. Cym.” above part and mark entrance as “pp”