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“Wrong About Me”

February 28, 2006

45 seconds of pure genius from the Salamander Studios hit factory in Memphis, TN. Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and distributed on Sunday afternoon.

“Wrong About Me”

James McMurry: lead vox, guitar, backing vox, lyrics
Steven Bryant: bass, lead guitar (all three notes), percussion, ooh-aah vox

people think wrong things about me
but they’re wrong about me
no they aren’t right

people say wrong things about me
but they’re wrong about me

I like:

teddy bears and
rainbows and
the movie Titanic and
sunsets and
bunny slippers and
tulips and
puppies and
truffles and
pink lemonade and
shotguns and
walks in the rain and
caring for my fellow man

and you know I love that Justin Timberlake


Mac laying down some vocals

Steve struggling with lead guitar (all three notes)

Mac laying down the real guitar

Steve getting serious about maracas

The all-important lyric sheet

Shout-out to James A. – the music in you wants to be free. Those new Mackie HR624s will help…