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UMKC wrap-up

September 28, 2009 Uncategorized

Some observations from last week at UMKC:

1) The band is HOT. The 7 horns in the back row sounded like they were in my lap…and I liked it. It was a fantastic performance, and I can’t thank conductor Steve Davis, and his TAs Hayes Bunch and Michelle Van Unen enough for inviting me out and making the whole thing run so well.

2) The BBQ ribs at Oklahoma Joe’s are a taste treat, and the Crown Prime Beef Rib at Jack Stack is utterly unbelievable. Only matched by the Hickory Pit Beans, which apparently are Bobby Flay’s favorite. I could taste why. Forgive the blurry iPhone pic:

3) Steve Davis treats you right: I had a full-size Jacuzzi in my room. Not some sort of glorified bathtub, this was a completely separate, fully-mirrored affair. Ridiculous… and extremely relaxing (after wading through the extensive instructions):

I had a great time in Kansas City, and can’t thank the band enough for playing so well. This was my first visit, but I certainly hope it’s not my last. 🙂

Now on to University of Michigan for the Symphony Band’s performance of Ecstatic Waters on Friday night. I expect they will also not be too shabby… 🙂