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Turbine / Foodblog

March 14, 2006

Last night I heard the Univ. of Arkansas – Fayetteville Concert Band and Wind Symphony perform, and they chewed through a LOT of music! I only have a second this morning, but suffice it to say I thought both groups were really solid, and I’m looking forward to hearing one of them do some of my music (nudge, nudge :)! The whole evening had a nice musical progression to it, and I thought the programming choices worked really well. Congrats to Jeremy Pratchard and the Concert Band, and W. Dale Warren and the Wind Symphony for all their obvious hard work – I think it paid off handsomely (and you had a big crowd, too!). Also congratulations to Tim (horn) and Chal Ragsdale (percussion) on a rather virtuosic piece by Mark Schultz called “Dragons in the Sky” they performed with a a subset of the Wind Symphony – quite amazing to hear!

So, the focal point for me being there was of course Mackey’s Turbine. This piece is loud. In fact, it’s almost a problem apparently – they had to tone the percussion down a hair so you could, you know, hear the band! I think the balance issue could be resolved if you mic the band, but then I’m insane. Anyway, It was cool to hear the piece live after the recording John posted a few days ago. This is definitely a piece you need to experience live to get the full effect. Since John couldn’t make it, I called his cell phone during the piece and left part of the performance as a voicemail for him.

After the concert, a bunch of us went out for coffee and such, and in honor of Mackey’s propensity for (some might say obsession with) taking pictures of his food on his various adventures, we took a few shots. They’re a little blurry, but I’m just a neophyte food-photograper, so these’ll have to do. So…

Scott’s Triple-Threat Cheesecake:

My milkshake. I live dangerously:

Nicole and her “birdseed” salad (as she called it):

And finally, the maestro himself, W. Dale Warren and his delectable burrito:

Thanks to Dale and the whole gang – had a great time meeting all of you!