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RedLine. REDLINE!!!!!

March 24, 2006

Tonight, Lt. Commander (ret.) John Pastin and the Rowan University Wind Ensemble played the sh*t out of RedLine for winds. I’m floored. I’m honored that he and the band devoted so much of their time and energy into pulling this piece off. To everyone in the band: you’re awesome. THANK YOU. You all played a great program – RedLine alone was more than enough to chew on. That fact that you also took on Ticheli’s “Symphony No.2,” Persichetti’s “Psalm,” and Grantham’s “Fantasia on a Song of Mr. Hyde,” is a testament to the skill and dedication of everyone in the group. Congratulations on a great concert!

Here I am with the man who made it happen:

I should mention that Mitch Fennell at Cal State Fullerton is doing it with his group this spring – amazing to see this piece start to come to life after all these years…

So, now that it’s been proven possible, anyone else out there up for a little challenge? 😉