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Juilliard Farewell Party

February 16, 2006

Tuesday, Feb. 7th marked my last day of nearly 10 years of affiliation with Juilliard, first as student, then as a staff member. Many different events in my life over the past 10 months or so have converged to bring about this new direction. It was difficult – I’ve worked with a great number of wonderful people over the years there, and it has been the best ‘day job’ I could’ve possibly found. But it was still a day job, and the demands of my professional music life have increased to the point where I couldn’t do both, at least not well.

Alright, I promised a few pictures from the farewell party, so here’s just a small selection:

First up, here’s Margo and some of the champagne she provided. Margo is the mother of Juilliard, and the voice, as well – if you ever call the school, the silky voice you hear saying “You have reached The Juilliard School” belongs to this lovely lady right here. She’s an institution within the institution, and loves and is beloved by all.

Here we have President Polisi and I talking for a few minutes. He was gracious enough to drop in – he’s always been extremely friendly and amiable with me, and I was honored that he took a few minutes to come by.

Finally, here’s most of the IT department – my partners in computational crime and destruction. From L-R we have Daniel, Tim, Alex, me, Dave (blue shirt), Bill, Dave (in back), Jeremy (Mr. Thumbs-up), and the bossman himself, Tunde. Missing are Diane, Gail, and Luis. Working with all of you has been great – going to miss you!!

Onward and upward. Next up: conducting in Carnegie Hall…